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Michael Skakel / Martha Moxley

Michael Skakel today

Michael Skakel in 1975

Mickey Sherman, Skakel Defense Attorney (Court TV photo)

Note: This site is wholly unaffiliated with anyone connected to the trial of Michael Skakel, his family or his lawyers. It is sponsored and maintained by Crimelynx®, a website dedicated to the criminal defense bar and community, and to journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

Current Case News and Trial Coverage

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Post-Trial Articles

8/30/02..Skakel Sentenced to 20 Years for 1975 Murder...New York Times

8/30/02..Two Kennedys Sent Pleas for Skakel...New York Times

8/29/02..Judge Denies New Trial Bid Before Sentencing...New York Times

6/9/02..Skakel's Lawyers Can Wage Campaign for Appeal on Several Legal Fronts...New York Times

6/9/02..After Verdicts, Paths Diverge...Greenwich Time

6/8/02..Reactions to Skakel Verdict...Various Media Outlets

Trial Articles

6/7/02..Skakel's Punishment Began With the Verdict...Hartford Courant

6/7/02..Skakel Convicted...Greenwich Time

6/6/02..Skakel Jury: Third Day, Rehears Testimony...Associated Press

6/6/02..Skakel Brother Attends Court to Support Brother...Boston Globe

6/2/02..Closings Critical in Skakel Trial...Associated Press

6/2/02..Skeletons in the Closet...New York Times

5/31/02..Socks, Zocks and Other Trial Stars...Court TV

5/30/02..Prosecutor's Final Push, Sister Helps Defense...Greenwich Time

5/29/02..Analysis of Skakel Defense, He Didn't Do It...Court TV

5/29/02..Final Witness Bolsters Skakel Alibi...New York Times

5/25/02..Skakel: Contradictions In Crucial Prosection Witness' Testimony... Stamford Advocate

5/23/02..Defense Witnesses Say Skakel Bullied at Elan... Court TV

5/23/02..Babysitter Testifies for Skakel... Court TV

5/22/02..Defense Witness Gives Skakel Alibi... Court TV

5/22/02...The Prosecution Rests, But How Comfortably?... Court TV

5/17/02...Witness Testifies from His Grave... Court TV

5/15/02...Skakel Brother Won't Be Called... Associated Press

5/15/02...Tutor Finishes With Conflicting Testimony... Court TV

5/13/02... Former Tutor Wavers On Cross Examination... Court TV

5/13/02... Former Tutor Waivers About "Spiriting" Children Away... Hartford Courant

5/11/02... Skakel Trial Testimony Deepens Mystery... New York Times

5/10/02... Lawyers Argue Over Tutor's Alleged Confession... Court TV

5/9/02... What About Tom?... Hartford Courant

5/8/02... Former Cop Testifies Police Once Sought to Arrest Skakel's Brother... Court TV

5/8/02... Defense Asks Judge to Poll Jurors on Media Story... Stamford Advocate

5/8/02... Case Chroniclers Scramble to Cover All Angles... Hartford Courant

5/6/02... Analysis: Key Issues in Trial... Stamford Advocate

5/6/02... Meet the Witnesses... Court TV

5/6/02... Expect a Media Circus at Skakel Trial... USA Today

5/3/02... Profile of Skakel Lawyer Mickey Sherman... Court TV

5/2/02... Ready for Evidence... Fairfield County Weekly

5/2/02... Pin the Tail on the Tutor... Fairfield County Weekly

Jury Selection Articles

4/28/02... Judge Delays Decison on Skakel Motions... Greenwich Time

4/27/02... Skakel Lawyers Say Tape Shows Another Man Admitted Killing, New York Times

4/26/02... Prosecutors Admit Bizarre Attempt To Tie Tutor to Murder, Court TV

4/25/02... Skakel Defense Implicates Tutor, Court TV

4/24/02... Jury Completed in Skakel Trial, Associated Press

4/19/02... Final Alternates to be Chosen This Week, Greenwich Time

4/19/02... First Alternate Chosen, Greenwich Time

4/19/02... Skakel Jury Set, New York Times

4/18/02...Twelve Jurors Selected In Skakel Case, Court TV

4/17/02...Eleventh Juror Selected In Skakel Case, Associated Press

4/16/02...Skakel Jurors Get the Grill, the Drill...Hartford Courant

4/16/02...Skakel Seeks Evidence about Prior Suspects...Associated Press

4/8/02...Jury Selection Gives Strategic Insight...Greenwich Time

4/6/02...Juror Profiles...Court TV

4/5/02...Fifth Juror Chosen in Skakel Trial...Associated Press

4/5/02...Shape of Skakel Trial Emerges in Jury Selection...Court TV

4/5/02...Cop Chosen As Juror for Skakel Trial ..U.P.I. News

4/4/02...Baby-Sitter Slated for Skakel Trial...Associated Press

4/2/02...Jury Selection Begins, 2 Jurors Picked...Court TV

4/1/02...Jury Selection Starts Tuesday...Court TV

3/31/02...Choosing Strangers in the Box ...Greenwich Time


8/29/02... Being A Kennedy Doesn't Make Him Guilty.. New York Post

6/16/02... Rough Injustice Prevails.. Chicago Tribune

6/7/02... The Unforgiving.. CBS News

6/2/02... Inside Skakel's Tortured World.. New York Post

5/30/02... Skakel Case: Trial and Errors.. Alex Beam, Boston Globe

5/22/02... He May Be Guilty, But Can They Prove It?.. Joe Miksch, Fairfield County Weekly

5/16/02... Ex-Wife is Poor Excuse for a Person.. New York Post

5/9/02... Rich Kid Deserves a Fair Trial Too.. New York Post

5/8/02... Meet Connecticut's Keystone Cops... New York Post

2002 Pre-Trial News Articles

4/1/02...25 Years Later, Skakel Comes to Trial ...Associated Press

3/29/02...Skakel to Call Lead Detective as Witness ...Greenwich Time

3/8/02...Kennedys to Attend Skakel Trial ...Greenwich Time

3/1/02...Sources: Hair may help Skakel ...Greenwich Time

2/22/02...Kennedy Cousin's Murder Trial Moves to Nearby Connecticut Town ...Court TV

1/25/02...Few Surprises Expected in Skakel Trial...Court TV

1/15/02...Prosecutor Request to Make Opening...Court TV

1/15/02...Brothers' DNA Could Sow Doubts...Boston Globe

CrimeLynx 2001 Skakel News Archive

Complete Case News

Greenwich Time Case Coverage

Court TV Case Coverage

Full Case Coverage from Yahoo

Case TimeLine by Court TV

Select Case Documents

August 28, 2002...Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Sentencing Letter...Court TV

June 3, 2002...Full Text of Closing Arguments...Stamford Advocate

April 23, 2002...Defense Motion Re: Confession of Earlier Suspect...Court TV

April 23, 2002...Defense Motion to Bar Transcript of Dead Witness' Testimony...Court TV

December, 2001 Conn. Court Ruling Denying Motion to Dismiss (Statute of Limitations Issue).Court TV

November, 2001 Conn. Sup. Ct. Ruling Ordering Trial of Skakel As Adult...Court TV

June, 2001 Libel Suit in Skakel v. Greenwich Post

Judge's January 31, 2001 Ruling Skakel to be Tried as Adult

Transcript of October 20, 2000 Hearing re: Probation Dept. Report

Judge's August 17, 2000 Reasonable Cause Ruling

Connecticut's Transfer Act of 1970

Transcript of June 20, 2000 "Reasonable Cause" Hearing

Transcript of June 21, 2000 "Reasonable Cause" Hearing

Transcript of June 28, 2000 "Reasonable Cause" Hearing

March, 2000 Court Decision Allowing Media Coverage

Grand Jury Indictment

Select Media Transcripts

6/8/02..Today Show, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

6/7/02..Hannity and Colmes, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

6/7/02..Larry King Live, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

4/4/02...Skakel Lawyer Discusses Jury Selection

CrimeLynx 2001 Skakel Media Transcript Archive

Recommended Reading

Greentown: Murder and Mystery in Greenwich:
by Timothy Dumas

The Other Mrs. Kennedy
(Chapter on Moxley/Skakel Murder Case)
by Jerry Oppenheimer

Robert Blake

Robert Blake

Note: This site is wholly unaffiliated with anyone connected to the investigation of Robert Blake, his family or his lawyers. It is sponsored and maintained by Crimelynx®, a website dedicated to the criminal defense bar and community, and to journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

Case News

12/26/02...Robert Blake Depressed in Jail...Reuters

8/29/02...Robert Blake Says 'I Didn't Do It'...Associated Press

5/15/02...Prosecutors Oppose Blake Plans...Associated Press

5/1/02...Blake's Attorney Has Public's Ear...Associated Press

4/26/02...Media Has Become a Lynch Mob for Blake...U.P.I

4/26/02...Blake Posts $1 Million Bail for Bodyguard ...Associated Press

4/25/02...No Death Penalty for Blake...Associated Press

4/23/02...Stunt Men to Testify Against Blake...Los Angeles Times

4/23/02...Robert Blake Pleads Not Guilty ...New York Times

4/21/02...Legal Strategy Being Formed ...Los Angeles Times

4/20/02...Police Search Home of Robert Blake's Daughter ...U.P.I.

4/20/02...Lawyers: Bodyguard Could Testify Against Blake ...Reuters

4/20/02...L.A. Sees Remake in Actor's Arrest ...New York Times

4/19/02...Actor Blake, Bodyguard Arrested in Wife's Slaying ...Los Angeles Times

4/19/02...Chronology of Blake Investigation...Associated Press

4/19/02...Blake Grew More Reclusive After Wife's Death ...Los Angeles Times

Full Case Coverage from Yahoo

Select Case Documents

Murder Complaint Against Robert Blake...Smoking Gun.Com

Select Media Transcripts

4/22/02...Blake Lawyer Shocked At Arrests....Larry King Live (CNN)

Terrorism Cases

John Walker Lindh

John Walker Lindh

CrimeLynx John Walker Lindh Case Coverage

Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui

CrimeLynx Zacarias Moussaoui Case Coverage

Richard Reid

Richard Reid

CrimeLynx Richard Reid Case Coverage

JonBenet Ramsey

Note: This site is wholly unaffiliated with anyone connected to the investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey, her family or her lawyers. It is sponsored and maintained by Crimelynx®, a website dedicated to the criminal defense bar and community, and to journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

Case News

9/30/02... '48 Hours' To Air Ramsey Interviews..Boulder Daily Camera

2/16/02... Recurrance of Cancer Found in Patsy Ramsey...Denver Post

JonBenet Ramsey Media UnLynch Mob Page: For objective current news reporting and recommended links

JonBenet Ramsey Media UnLynch Mob News Archive: For objective 1999 - 2001 news reporting

CourtTV Ramsey News Archives

Rocky Mountain News Ramsey Archive

Denver Post Ramsey News Index

Boulder Daily Camera Ramsey News Archive

  Investigator Lou Smit's Resignation Letter

Letter from John Ramsey

Additional Ramsey Case Documents, Court TV

Select Media Transcripts

2001/2000 CrimeLynx Ramsey Media Transcript Archive

Recommended Reading

The Death of Innocence by John and Patsy Ramsey

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller

Presumed Guilty by Stephen Singular

Jameson's Sites

Internet sleuth Jameson has followed the investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey from the beginning, resisting the media's lynch-mob mentality

Jameson's Site of Ramsey Case Facts and Theories

Jameson's Webbsleuths Discussion Boards

Other Ramsey-Related Web Sites

Ramsey Family Website


Crimes 'R Us Message Boards

Forum to discuss the legal side of crimes in the news - Requires free registration

Wrongful Convictions

TalkLeft.Com: Injustices

From TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime: Wrongful Convictions, False Confessions, Racial Profiling, Eyewitness Identification, Prisoner Abuse, Forensic Fraud and more

Innocence Project.Org

The comprehensive website of Cardozo Law School's Innocence Project--led by co-directors Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. With links to and information about other Innocence Projects and Networks around the country and in Canada.

Informational Package on the Innocence Protection Act of 2001

Everything you need to effectively educate and lobby your elected officials about the Innocence Protection Act of 2001...from the Justice Project

Text of S. 486, Innocence Protection Act of 2001

Full text of S. 486, Innocence Protection Act of 2001, introduced in the Senate by Sen. Patrick J. Leahy and others on March 7, 2001. An identical bill was introduced in the House.

What Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Know About DNA Testing

Post-Conviction DNA Testing: Handling Requests

1996 Dept. of Justice Report: Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science

The Injustice Line

Truth In Justice

Wrongful Convictions and Eyewitness Testimony

Justice: Denied - Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

Police/Prosecutorial Misconduct

June, 2000...A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995, Columbia University

The eye-opening study of Professors James Leibman, Jeffrey Fagan et. al. on the frequency and causes of reversals in habeas cases.

Cop Crimes: Police Brutality

Win At All Costs, Pittsurgh Post-Gazette

West Virginia Supreme Court Investigative Report on Fred Zain

Lisl Auman Appeal

Lisl Auman was in police custody at the time of the crime and yet she serves a lifetime prison term. Her case is currently on appeal. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers filed an Amicus (friend of court) brief on her behalf.

Lisl Auman

Note: This site is wholly unaffiliated with anyone connected to the trial or appeal of Lisl Auman, her family or her lawyers. It is sponsored and maintained by Crimelynx®, a website dedicated to the criminal defense bar and community, and to journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

Appeal News

3/28/05..Colo. Sup. Ct. Reversed Lisls' Convction

The Colorado Supreme Court reversed Lisl's felony murder conviction based upon an improper jury instruction on the underlying theft crime. It ordered a new trial.

5/1/02..Judges Ask if Auman Still Fleeing When Cop Shot..Rocky Mountain News

5/1/02..High Stakes Murder Draws Large Crowd..Rocky Mountain News

4/29/02..Guilt by Association at Heart of Lisl Auman Case..Rocky Mountain News

4/29/02.."Fear and Loathing" Author Backs Auman..Rocky Mountain News

3/18/01..Juror Who Voted Guilty Backs Join's Auman's Cause..Rocky Mountain News

3/18/01...Lawyers Debate Centuries Old Legal Concept...Rocky Mountain News

The legal theory under which Lisl Auman was convicted dates to British common law in the 12th century, which held people responsible for unintended deaths that occurred in the course of other serious crimes. Once a jury found Auman guilty of second-degree burglary, it didn't matter whether she had no intention of killing a police officer, under the law. Or if she didn't pull the trigger. ...England abolished felony murder in 1957, in part because of an outcry over the harsh punishment, including death, handed out to those who did not mean to kill.

Media Coverage of Lisl Auman's Case

3/18/01... In Lisl's Words...Rocky Mountain News

Excerpts from an interview with Lisl Auman at the Canon City women's prison

3/18/01... Weighing the Scales of Jeff Kass, Rocky Mountain News

In the past three months, a host of powerful supporters, including journalist Hunter S. Thompson and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, have signed on to help Lisl Auman battle her sentence for the 1997 killing of Denver police officer Bruce VanderJagt. A compelling series of articles on the case, including an in-depth interview with Lisl Auman.

3/18/01... The Crime Timeline..Rocky Mountain News

3/5/01...A Crime Against Hunter S. Thompson, Page 2, ESPN

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Page 2, ESPN Photo)

"OK, that's about it for sports this time. But I have a flash of Good News from the Police Atrocity front, which is heating up in Denver. Stand back! Good News is rare in the Criminal Justice System, but every once in a while you find it, and this is one of those times. To wit: The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has formally entered the Appeals trial of young Lisl Auman -- the girl who remains locked up in a cell at the Colorado State Prison for the Rest of Her Life with No Possibility of Parole for a bogus crime. Lisl is a living victim of a cold-blooded Political Trial that will cast a long shadow on Denver for many years to come -- she is the only person ever convicted in the United States for Felony Murder while in police custody when the crime happened. The NACDL brings a heavyweight presence to this case that will quickly level the playing field. Nobody needs a public fight with a team of Elite warriors from the NACDL. It will be like having to fight Joe Frazier every day for six months. There will be injuries, and there will be more than one trip to the Emergency Room this time. No more easy wins for the black hats. The worm is about to turn. That is also a good early bet. Take my word for it."

2/1/01...Several Grave Injustices... by Hunter S. Thompson, Page2, ESPN

"...and one thing that sticks with me is a quote from Edmund Burke that says: "THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING." That is what got me into the Lisl Auman case, and that is why I will stay in it until this brutal Wrong is Righted. That is also why the first contribution to the Lisl Auman Defense Fund came from Gerald Lefcourt of New York, the current President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. "This is not going to be easy," he said with a wry smile. "But what the hell -- count me in."

1/22/01...Abandon All Hope Ye in Tampa ... and Washington... by Hunter S. Thompson, Page2, ESPN

"One of Clinton's most Ignoble acts as President was not to pardon an Innocent 22-year-old girl named Lisl Auman, who will now go to prison for the rest of her life without Parole for a crime she was never even Accused of committing. It is a long, ugly story & we don't have time or space for it now -- but you can get the gist of it from "

Lisl Auman Websites


Lisl Auman's official website

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