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2000 Campaign News

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11/8/2000...Mrs. Clinton Defeats Lazio in New York Senate Race...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped from the White House to the United States Senate tonight, becoming the first presidential spouse to be elected to public office. Mrs. Clinton defeated Representative Rick A. Lazio to succeed retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat.

11/6/2000..First Lady Re-Emerges in Campaign ..New York Times

Unlike earlier in the campaign, she is not so much making he case that she has influenced policy dng her tenure in the White House in an effort to build a legislative record. Rather she is letting it be known that she has occupied a front seat to history, even in her traditional meet-and-greet duties as wife of the president.

10/30/2000...Hillary Clinton, in Interview, Looks to Road Ahead ..CNN News.Com

Hillary Rodham Clinton says if she is elected to the U.S. Senate, she hopes to carry on the work begun by her husband. In nine days, Clinton faces Republican congressman Rick Lazio in the race for U.S. Senate. Polls have shown Clinton in the lead.

10/30/2000...Hillary Rodham Clinton for Senate ..New York Times Editorial

The New York Times endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Senate..."We endorse Mrs. Clinton as the one candidate who will best fill the vast gap that will be left in the Senate and within the Democratic Party by the retirement of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.We are placing our bet on establish herself on Capitol Hill as a major voice for enlightened social policy and vibrant internationalism.

10/19/2000...First Daughter Proving to Be Quiet Political Force ..New York Times

With Election Day less than three weeks away, Chelsea Clinton, the first daughter, is showing up more and more across New York, quietly, politely, cheerfully — and judging by her popularity on the campaign trail, quite successfully — lending support to her mother's candidacy for Senate.

10/18/2000... Hillary Enters Final Weeks in Lead ...ABC News.Com

Despite being a cautious campaigner, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is acknowledging her status as front-runner in New York’s Senate race. At a dinner last week, Mrs. Clinton publicly noted her lead in the polls, and with only 21 days to go in a contentious campaign against her Republican rival, Rep. Rick Lazio, it now seems increasingly possible that for the first time in history a first lady will gain elected office.

10/7/2000...Mr. Lazio's Refund ...New York Times Editorial

Representative Rick Lazio's decision to refund to the Republican National Committee the roughly $1.4 million he touting his candidacy was a necessary act of damage control. Although accepting the money was legal, it violated the terms of the campaign financing agreement under which he and his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, agreed not to use outside funding in their campaigns.

10/5/2000...Mrs. Clinton: I Would Skip Trip...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that if she could turn back time, she would skip that trip to the Middle East where she kissed Yasser Arafat's wife. A new New York Magazine poll shows Clinton with 47 percent to 45 percent for her Republican opponent, Rep. Rick Lazio.

9/27/2000...NY Poll Shows Clinton at 50 Percent...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton has reached the 50 percent support level for the first time in her Senate race against Republican Rep. Rick Lazio, according to a major statewide independent poll released Wednesday.

9/21/2000...Mrs. Clinton Gains a Solid Edge as Suburban Women Take to Her...New York Times

Voter attitudes toward Rick A. Lazio have turned markedly more negative since June, with suburban women now moving solidly toward Hillary Rodham Clinton and many New Yorkers saying Mr. Lazio came across as harsh and inexperienced in his debate with Mrs. Clinton last week, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

9/16/2000...Lieberman Lends His Voice to Mrs. Clinton's Campaign ...New York Times

Joseph I. Lieberman campaigned in Coney Island on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday, offering testimony to her character and commitment to Israel. Her aides hope it will be the first in a series of New York appearances by the Democratic vice presidential candidate over the next two months.

9/14/2000...Mrs. Clinton Wins Admiration for Fair-Mindedness in Debate ...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the admiration, and perhaps the support, of a small group of undecided voters tonight for what they called her assured, substantive and good- natured performance in a high stakes face-off with Representative Rick A. Lazio.

9/12/2000...Clinton Wins N.Y. Senate Primary...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton breezed past a little-known challenger to win New York's Democratic Senate primary Tuesday...With 87 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton had 458,747 votes, or 81 percent.

9/12/2000...Clinton Campaigns for Hillary...Associated Press

Calling himself the "cheerleader in chief," President Clinton attended half a dozen events Monday, mostly in service of his wife's Senate campaign.

9/7/2000...Robert Kennedy Jr. Endorses Hillary Clinton...New York Times

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate candidacy yesterday, declaring that she would show leadership on environmental concerns he champions and would overcome the "carpetbagger" tag that also threatened his father's bid for a Senate seat from New York in 1964.

9/6/2000...Sierra Club Endorses Hillary Clinton as Better Environmental Ally...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton today won the endorsement of the Sierra Club, one of the nation's oldest environmental groups, whose backing set off a duel between the Senate candidates over who has done more to protect natural resources.

8/15/2000...Text of Mrs. Clinton's Remarks....New York Times

Following are remarks prepared by delivery last night by Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles

8/11/2000...Hillary: Worked Hard At White House...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday she spent her White House years working hard on issues, and she dismissed critics who insinuate she ''sat around eating bonbons.'' In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton defended her work on issues ranging from health insurance to education and adoption.

8/11/2000...Mrs. Clinton Puts Agenda Before Jokes...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton brought her campaign for the Senate to the hills of Los Angeles this evening, starting three days of California campaigning with an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, a way-out-of-town swing that will end with a prime-time speech to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles Monday evening.

8/8/2000...Hillary Clinton Talks With Lieberman...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton, trying to court New York's crucial Jewish electorate in her Senate race, said Tuesday she has already asked Democratic vice presidential pick Joseph Lieberman to campaign with her.

8/7/2000...Mrs. Clinton Attacks Presidential "Opponent," Bush...Reuters

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped up her criticism of Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush on Sunday, twinning her race for the U.S. Senate with the presidential campaign.

7/28/2000..Hillary Gets Gay Endorsements...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign won the endorsement of two gay advocacy organizations Thursday, the Empire State Pride Agenda and the Washington-based Human Rights Campaign.

7/27/2000..Chelsea Clinton May Campaign For Mom...Associated Press

Chelsea Clinton plans to skip the start of school at Stanford University this fall in part to campaign for her mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is pursuing a Senate seat in New York, a White House spokeswoman said Thursday.

7/19/2000...Mrs. Clinton Ends Slur Charge Talk...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday she was done talking about allegations that she used an obscenity-laced, anti-Semitic slur 26 years ago. ''I've said all I'm going to say about this. It wasn't true, it didn't happen and I'm not going to allow it to distract from the real issues of this campaign,'' the first lady told a news conference in Albany, where she picked up the endorsement of the 2.5 million-member state AFL-CIO.

7/18/2000...Mrs. Clinton's Credible Response...New York Times Editorial

This is going to be a grindingly brutal campaign. From now on, Mrs. Clinton will be under continuous pressure to assert her independence from her husband and to fight her own fights. She also has to explain her policies and reveal her personality to an electorate that does not know her well. In this instance, we think she made a convincing case that she did not use the language ascribed to her.

7/17/2000...Mrs. Clinton Denies She Made a Slur Back in 1974...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton summoned reporters to a rare news conference outside her home here today to denounce as "absolutely false" an accusation in a new book saying that she used an anti-Semitic slur in a heated conversation with her husband's campaign manager after Bill Clinton lost his first race for Congress in 1974. Her face taut, her voice trembling and her eyes welling with tears..."It did not happen," Mrs. Clinton said, adding: "I have never said anything like that. Ever. Ever."

7/12/2000...First Lady, Speaking to N.A.A.C.P., Takes Aim at Bush....New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton, blending her roles as a Senate candidate and first lady, told the annual convention of the N.A.A.C.P. here today that it should not be beguiled by the assurances of Gov. George W. Bush that he abhors discrimination and is committed to enforcing civil rights laws.

6/26/2000...Hot Pants, Platform Shoes, the First Lady and the Mayor...New York Times

None of politicians or nearly 300 other groups participating in the annual New York Gay and Lesbian Pride March garnered as much attention as Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was so popular the police had difficulty controlling the crowd. Her opponent in the Senate race, Rick Lazio, did not attend.

6/19/2000..Hillary Attacks Lazio for Missing Vote in House...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton intensified her criticism of Rick A. Lazio over the weekend, chastising the Long Island congressman for missing a vote on a plan to establish a oil reserve in the New York harbor area that could be tapped to limit surges in heating-oil prices in the Northeast.

6/2/2000..Lazio Finding it Tough to Stick With the Script...New York Times

As Representative Rick A. Lazio set out from the Republican convention in Buffalo, the immediate concern of his Senate campaign was not what he said, but how he was photographed. Most important, Mr. Lazio was advised to refrain from attacks on Hillary Rodham Clinton, because they might distract from these carefully arranged images. That restraint lasted for all of five hours.

5/23/2000...Undecided: New Rival, Easier Decision, Voters Say...New York Times

With a new candidate in the race for the United States Senate seat from New York, the undecided voters being followed by The New York Times now expect a traditional contest between Democrat and Republican that will make their decisions simpler and more predictable. The voters polled were not impressed by the Lazio camp criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton as a carpetbagger. All polled agreed that Mrs. Clinton had shed that albatross with months of dogged campaigning in every corner of the state.

5/20/2000...Lazio Announces Senate Candidacy...Associated Press

From the gym of his former high school on Long Island, relatively unknown Republican Rep. Rick Lazio catapulted himself Saturday into the nation's most-talked about political campaign -- the Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

5/19/2000...Giuliani Drops Out of Senate Race...Associated Press

Battling prostate cancer and with his personal life in turmoil, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani dropped out of the Senate race on Friday, stunning the political world and abruptly halting an engrossing campaign against first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

5/17/2000...Mrs. Clinton's Moment...New York Times Editorial

In her first outing as a candidate for elective office, Hillary Rodham Clinton has demonstrated a firm grasp of a basic rule of politics. That is the one about never interfering when your opponent is being engulfed with bad news. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton has campaigned with such quiet decorum during Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's travails that the public may be tempted to overlook the accomplishment represented by her formal nomination yesterday.

5/16/2000...Democrats Nominate Clinton for Senate... Associated Press

With thousands of supporters cheering in a packed sports arena, Hillary Rodham Clinton was unaminously nominated for the Senate on Tuesday at the Democratic Party convention in her adopted state.

5/16/2000...Giuliani Stays Undecided, Heightening GOP Anxiety... Washington Post

While this year's most dramatic Senate race remained in a bizarre state of limbo, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R) today continued to confound his impatient party by saying he has still not decided whether to continue his candidacy.

5/15/2000...Behind the Scenes, Efforts to Find a Possible Senate Replacement... New York Times

New York State Republican Party leaders are quietly moving ahead with efforts to identify possible replacement candidates for Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, hoping that if the mayor drops out of the United States Senate race this week they can quickly rally behind a candidate who would offer Hillary Rodham Clinton a serious challenge.

5/13/2000...Giuliani Cancels Campaign Speech...Associated Press

Questioning whether he can salvage a Senate bid against Hillary Rodham Clinton and weighing his health and marital problems, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani scrapped a speech he was to deliver tonight to a Republican dinner.

5/11/2000...Giuliani Fights Rumors About Future...Associated Press

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani fought off speculation Thursday that he is about to get out of the Senate race because of his prostate cancer, his crumbling marriage and reports of his alleged affairs.

5/11/2000...Giuliani Announces Separation; Wife Charges Adultery...Washington Post

Ripping the sheets off euphemisms like "very good friend" and "separate lives," New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani declared yesterday that he is considering a legal separation. His wife, Donna Hanover, responded by accusing him of stepping out on her more than once. Giuliani, who raised doubts about whether he would formally enter the Senate race against first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton when he announced two weeks ago that he had prostate cancer, kicked off this marital version of mutually assured destruction by telling reporters he was considering a separation, but not a divorce. For one of the few times in memory, the mayor even groped for words.

5/3/2000...Hillary Unveils First Television Ad ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled the first TV commercial of her Senate campaign Wednesday and also threw a jab back at conservative Pat Buchanan, who said she wasn't acting much like a lady.

5/1/2000...Sympathy not Helping Giuliani ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani are still neck-and-neck in their race for Senate, with no sympathy bounce" for the New York City mayor who last week disclosed he has prostate cancer.

4/26/2000...Mrs. Clinton Accepts Debate Offers...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday called for tax changes to help keep family farms in the family and accepted two offers to debate her Senate rival, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

4/19/2000...Mrs. Clinton, Giuliani Trade Barbs...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton deflected questions over her campaign returning a donation to a woman with ties to a drug smuggler Wednesday, saying that her Senate opponent should give back a $100,000 donation from a man she called ''the number one polluter in America.''Meanwhile, a poll released Wednesday showed Giuliani's approval rating among New York City voters has dropped to its lowest level ever.

4/8/2000...Clinton Stepping Up Her Campaign...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Senate rival, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, are continuing to court voters in upstate New York. Boosted by a poll showing her ahead of the New York City mayor for the first time in months, Clinton said she plans to keep up her recent stepped-up campaign pace.

4/7/2000...Mrs. Clinton Rolls Ahead of Giuliani as Senate Choice...New York Times

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's response to the shooting of Patrick M. Dorismond has resulted in his lowest job approval ratings in seven years in office, jolting his campaign for the United States Senate while catapulting Hillary Rodham Clinton into the lead for the first time in a year, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

4/5/2000...Poll: Giuliani's Lead Is Gone...Associated Press

Another poll has found that Rudolph Giuliani's lead over Senate rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has evaporated in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed black man by New York City police.

4/4/2000...Mrs. Clinton Says Mayor Is Exploiting Cuban Boy ...Associated Press

In her strongest words on the issue so far, Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that Elián González belonged with his father, and she roundly criticized Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and others, saying they were exploiting the boy's misfortunes.

3/27/2000...Clinton-Giuliani Races Tightening ...Associated Press

With a new poll showing the Senate race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani tightening, the first lady on Sunday picked up the first political party endorsement of the campaign.

3/27/2000...Giuliani Is Making It a Sharpton-Clinton Ticket ...New York Times

If Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's handlers could have their way, his opponent in this year's United States Senate race would be Hillary Sharpton Clinton....The mayor has virtually no friends among the city's black leaders, a reality that does not seem to bother him. In addition, many blacks say they are too often the victims of his administration's aggressive police tactics.

3/21/2000..Mrs. Clinton Joins Fray Over Police Shooting ...New York Times

In unusually harsh language, Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani last night of intentionally polarizing New York City by leading "a rush to judgment" over the disputed circumstances of last week's fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man.

3/16/2000...Hillary Clinton Cleared in ‘Filegate’ Case ...ABC News

Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray today filed a report with a court panel stating there was no substantial and credible evidence that any senior White House official, or first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, was involved in seeking confidential Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background reports of former White House staff from the prior administrations of Presidents Bush and Reagan.

3/4/2000...Mrs. Clinton Speaks Out Against Police Misconduct...New York Times

In remarks leading up to what her aides say will be a major policy statement on police conduct and the Diallo case tomorrow, Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday that New York City "obviously has a problem when an innocent, unarmed man is gunned down."

2/23/2000...Mrs. Clinton Suggests a State Debating Tour...New York Times

Describing the rambunctious presidential debate on racial issues at the Apollo Theater in Harlem on Monday as a valuable exercise for voters, Hillary Rodham Clinton said today she would like to debate Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani on the same topics and in the same setting, and suggested that the two embark on a debating tour across New York.

2/21/2000...Gore, Mrs. Clinton Court Minorities ...Associated Press

On the eve of a debate with Bill Bradley at Harlem's Apollo Theatre, Vice President Al Gore campaigned for the first time this year in New York with first lady and Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as he sought to reinforce his standing among New York's minorities in the Democratic presidential race.

2/17/2000...Gore and Mrs. Clinton to Campaign Together ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Al Gore will campaign together in New York for the first time this year as they appeal Sunday to minority voters who could be crucial to them both.

2/14/2000...Mrs. Clinton Picks Up Irish Award ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton picked up an award Monday for her work on the peace process in northern Ireland and helped raise cash for a group of Irish Democrats.

2/13/2000...Clinton Apologizes for Diallo Comment...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized for calling the police shooting of unarmed immigrant Amadou Diallo a ``murder,'' and that whether the death was a case of murder was ``what the jury should decide.''

2/10/2000...Clinton Accuses Giuliani of Insults...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton today accused Rudy Giuliani of running a campaign based on insults and demanded that the New York City mayor release all the fund-raising letters he has mailed out for the past two years.

2/8/2000...Giuliani Memo Incenses Mrs. Clinton...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton today angrily accused Senate rival Rudolph Giuliani of "injecting religion into this race" with a fund-raising letter sent to religious conservatives.

2/7/2000...Mrs. Clinton Starts Upstate Swing...Associated Press

Promising backers hard work and fun, Hillary Rodham Clinton kicked off her first swing through upstate New York today as an official candidate for U.S. Senate.

2/6/2000...Mrs. Clinton Vows Fight on Issues and Image...New York Times

... Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is now prepared to press an aggressive campaign against Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in the race for United States Senate, drawing distinctions on issues ranging from school vouchers to tax cuts, and arguing that Senate Republicans "don't need any more votes" in Washington.

2/5/2000...Mrs. Clinton Steps Out on Her Own..Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton has traded in the first-lady look for what have become her combat fatigues in her battle to convince New Yorkers that she is one of them.

2/4/2000...Donors pick sides in N.Y. Senate race...USA Today

Nearly 3,000 pages of financial disclosure forms show that the expensive and acrimonious Senate race between first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is attracting high-profile donors from across the USA.

1/29/2000...Mrs. Clinton Picks Announcement Site...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to formally announce her candidacy for the U.S. Senate on Feb. 6 at a State University of New York campus not far from her new home in suburban Westchester County. President Clinton and Chelsea will attend.

1/27/2000... Hillary Leads 10,000 Legal Eagles... London Evening Standard

Hillary Clinton heads a contingent of nearly 10,000 American lawyers who have chosen London for their annual conference this summer.

1/20/2000...Hillary Clinton Answers the Inevitable Personal Queries ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton answered questions today about her marriage and personal life for the first time. She said she had never been unfaithful to President Clinton, had never had a sexual relationship with Vincent W. Foster Jr., has never used marijuana or cocaine.

1/19/2000...Giuliani Criticized by Koch...Associated Press

Former Mayor Ed Koch criticized Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Wednesday for sharing a dais at a Martin Luther King Day event with an Austrian political leader who once praised the policies of Adolf Hitler.

1/18/2000...First Lady To Stay With Clinton...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Tuesday to ``spend the rest of my life'' with President Clinton, whose relationship with a White House intern led to his impeachment and a failed Senate vote last year to remove him from office.

1/17/2000...Hillary Clinton Meets Sharpton on King Day...Associated Press

A long-awaited meeting between Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Rev. Al Sharpton took place Monday at a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

1/14/2000...Hillary Clinton Is Coming Out of Her Cocoon...New York Times

As Mrs. Clinton prepares to formally announce her candidacy, there are signs of a thaw between her and the press.

1/13/2000...Mrs. Clinton's Top 10 List...Associated Press

Mrs. Clinton's Top Ten Reasons for Appearing on the David Letterman Show.

1/13/2000...Late Show With Hillary and David...New York Times

For more than a month, David Letterman has begged -- or "badgered" as he put it --Hillary Rodham Clinton to appear on his show. Last night, Mrs. Clinton finally sat down on the CBS set at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Midtown.

1/12/2000...Mrs. Clinton Calls Giuliani Temperamentally Unsuited for Senate...New York Times

Repeating a theme that her campaign is likely to use more frequently, Hillary Rodham Clinton used a trip to upstate New York today to criticize Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani as temperamentally unsuited to represent New York in the Senate.

1/11/2000...First Lady to Announce Run in February...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton said today she will formally announce her Senate candidacy in early February and hopes to have the president and daughter Chelsea at her side.

1/4/2000...First Lady Starts Move to New York...Associated Press

Six weeks after she unofficially announced her candidacy for New York's U.S. Senate seat, two moving vans arrived at the Clintons' new Westchester County home. Mrs. Clinton was expected Wednesday.

1999 Campaign News

12/3/99...Mrs. Clinton Names Campaign Manager......Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton on FridayNew York political operative to manage her Senate campaign.

11/30/99...Mrs. Clinton Blasts Giuliani Policy...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's homeless policies today as morally wrong and ineffective, and pledged to secure more money for federally subsidized housing and treatment for the mentally ill if she is elected senator.

11/29/99...First lady vows to serve full Senate term if elected...CNN/Reuters

Hillary Rodham Clinton, taking aim at critics who ask if her bid for U.S. Senate might just be a stepping stone for a higher office, declared on Monday that, if elected, she would serve a full six-year term.

11/26/99...Hillary's Hat in the Center Ring...Washington Post

We're about to see whether the most improbable political leap in our history -- from First Ladyhood to membership in the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World -- is actually possible. To assess her chances, begin by junking some pieces of conventional wisdom.

11/26/99...Book: First Lady's Run Raised in '97...Associated Press

The possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton might run for Senate was raised as long ago as late 1997, with the president himself thinking in 1998 that it was a good idea, according to a new book.

11/24/99...Clinton to Devote Herself to N.Y. Bid...USA Today

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton gave notice Tuesday. After the coming round of holiday parties, she's reducing her role as White House hostess to set up housekeeping in suburban New York and devote herself to her Senate campaign.

11/23/99...Hillary Says She's In the Race...USA Today

Trying to end speculation that she is having second thoughts, Hillary Rodham Clinton left little room for doubt Tuesday that she is seeking the Senate seat from New York. ''The answer is yes,'' she told supporters.

11/22/99...Clinton Camp: Rudy Going Negative...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton charged Monday that New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was opening the door to running a ``negative and nasty'' campaign in next year's Senate campaign.

11/22/99...Israel's Leader Highly Praises Hillary Clinton...New York Times

Prime Minister Ehud Barak of Israel offered an unprompted defense of Hillary Rodham Clinton Sunday, telling a group of American Jewish leaders in New York that her recent trip to the Middle East had been "highly sccessful" and had advanced the peace process.

11/20/99...Hillary Clinton Said to Have Chosen Manager...Washington Post

Hillary Rodham Clinton has chosen veteran New York political Bill DeBlasio to oversee her Senate campaign, according to several sources.

11/17/99...First Lady's Campaign Moving Ahead...Associated Press

Seeking to quiet speculation that Hillary Rodham Clinton may be having second thoughts about running for the U.S. Senate, her spokesman said Wednesday that ``this campaign is moving full-steam ahead.''

11/1/99...Hillary Clinton vs. Giuliani: Poll Finds Few Undecided...New York Times

One year before the election for United States Senate,a remarkably small number of New Yorkers say they are undecided in a contest between Rudolph W. Giuliani and Hillary Rodham Clinton, suggesting the advertisements, speeches and assaults that are being readied will be aimed at a scant few hundred thousand voters.

10/30/99...Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Hanover: Meeting That Wasn't to Be...New York Times

For a brief moment it looked like a do-not-miss event: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donna Hanover were to do "theatrical readings" next week at a fund-raiser to celebrate a film about Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

10/25/99...First Lady Has Birthday Fund-Raiser...Associated Press

For the first lady who has everything -- except the title ``Senator'' -- it was the perfect birthday gift: her own Broadway show and a million bucks in the bank.

10/20/99...Mrs. Clinton Outlines Position...Associated Press

Without uttering his name, Hillary Rodham Clinton laid out Wednesday her stark differences with Republican New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on a raft of national issues -- from the minimum wage to health care and gun control.

10/18/99...First Lady To Decide Next Year...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that she won't make her final decision about running for the Senate from New York until sometime next year.

10/18/99...First Lady Affirms Campaign Reform Goal...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton told about 600 Democrats Sunday that as an almost certain candidate for the United States Senate, she had become an even bigger supporter of campaign finance reform.

10/17/99...Issue by Issue, First Lady Details Her Differences With Giuliani...New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton moved to draw a series of sharp differences with Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani Saturday, attacking the legacy of Ronald Reagan's economic policies two weeks after Giuliani celebrated them, and assailing Republicans for blocking a minimum wage increase and promoting the use of school vouchers.

9/29/99.. Mrs. Clinton Interviews Consultants ...Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton interviewed potential campaign media strategists Wednesday, moving ahead with plans for her expected Senate race in New York next year.

9/27/99.. 1st Lady Backs Controversial Museum ...Associated Press

Taking a stand at odds with the man she'll probably run against next year, the first lady said today she doesn't personally approve of a museum's controversial exhibit but thinks it's wrong to take city funds away from the institution.

9/23/99...First Lady Steadily Inches Closer to Making Candidacy Official...New York Times

In her strongest confirmation yet of what many people are already taking for granted, Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday that she would almost certainly run for the United States Senate in New York next year but that she still wants the state's voters to get to know her better before she formally declares her candidacy.

9/21/99...Hillary Clinton to visit Schenectady...Gazette Newspapers

First Lady and potential Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will breakfast with county Democrats Saturday morning at the Schenectady Museum, said county Democratic Chairman Christopher H. Gardner. He expected Clinton to speak at the breakfast, which costs $35 and will benefit the county committee.

9/17/99...Starr Reveals Information Affecting Hillary Clinton's Expected Senate Race...Court TV

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said today that any information about First Lady Hillary Clinton in his final report might not be made public in time to affect the November 2000 election.

9/17/99...Starr Reveals Information Affecting Hillary Clinton's Expected Senate Race...Court TV
9/7/99...First Lady Still Opposes Clemency...Associated Press
9/2/99...Clintons Said to Offer to Buy House...Associated Press
9/7/99...First Lady Still Opposes Clemency...Associated Press
9/2/99...Clintons Said to Offer to Buy House...Associated Press
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