Associated Press
February 17, 2000

Gore, Mrs. Clinton Campaign Together


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton and Al Gore will campaign together in New York for the first time this year as they appeal Sunday to minority voters who could be crucial to them both.

The two will appear at a church service Sunday morning that is a highlight of the annual weekend gathering in Albany of the Legislature's black and Hispanic caucus. Both Clinton and Gore are expected to speak at the service, aides said.

The caucus weekend annually brings together hundreds of the state's top black and Hispanic leaders.

A big test of the state's minority voting power will come in the March 7 presidential primary, an important contest between Gore and former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley. Both have launched major appeals to minorities in their bids for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The fact that presidential candidate Gore and Senate candidate Clinton haven't yet campaigned together in New York has raised some eyebrows.

Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said today there was no intentional distancing of the two candidates. Aides to Gore said the same thing.

Asked recently why they hadn't been campaigning together, Gore told one television interviewer, ``It's a matter of scheduling. Not just me, but also her.''

Both have made it clear that they feel they must step out of the shadow of President Clinton. As part of that effort, Mrs. Clinton has become simply ``Hillary'' in campaign posters and news releases.

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