Associated Press
January 18, 2000

First Lady To Stay With Clinton


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Tuesday to ``spend the rest of my life'' with President Clinton, whose relationship with a White House intern led to his impeachment and a failed Senate vote last year to remove him from office.

``I have been with my husband for more than half my life. We've been together -- this will be our 25th year of marriage -- and we have so much between us and so many shared experiences and a lot of love in our family, and I certainly intend to spend the rest of my life with him,'' Mrs. Clinton told Buffalo's WKBW-TV in an interview.

The first lady, who is preparing to run for the Senate from New York, commented after being told people were saying that ``when Bill leaves the White House, she's going to leave him.''

Mrs. Clinton appeared momentarily taken aback by the comment, but then quickly offered her thoughts.

Since the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky became public, Mrs. Clinton has faced questions about the state of her marriage. She usually brushes them aside, although she has said in the past that they are a couple who still love each other.

Mrs. Clinton plans to formally enter the Senate race next month, and has said she hopes to have her husband and daughter Chelsea at her side for the announcement.

Earlier, she predicted victory in the Senate race if she and Democrats get their message out.

``I am absolutely confident that if we do the best we can to get the word out about what it is at stake in this election, then ... I will be in Washington and we will all be working together to make western New York and Erie County and Buffalo the very best that we can be,'' she told several hundred Democrats at a Buffalo community center.

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