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Investigative Tools

How To Investigate: Useful Tips
Virtual Gumshoe Resources
State Public Record Resources
FBI Secret Files on Everyone

Directories, Map & Weather

People Locator
Reverse Telephone Directory
Area Code Look-Up
World Telephone Directories
Zip Code Lookup
DocuWeather - Forensic Weather Reconstruction
World Climate
Foreign Embassies in Washington, DC
Google Earth

Records Searches

State Motor Vehicle Records
State Department of Corrections
State Courts and Court Records
Criminal Records Searches
Vital Records Information - United States
Military Records
Military-Search.Com - Locate Military Personnel
Cemetaries and Obituraries
Global Drug Incident Database

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Request Page
DEA FOIA information
DOJ FOIA Materials

Federal Agencies

Department of Justice
Directory of DOJ Officials
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse
DEA Roadmap
Other Department of Justice Agencies
ICE Detention Facilities
ICE Detainee Lookup
OFAC CounterNarcotics Sanctions
Homeland Security
Secure Communities - 287(g)
U.S. Secret Service
Internal Revenue Service
DoD Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office (CNTPO)
Office of the Pardon Attorney
National Institute of Justice
U.S. Attorneys' Manual
Presidential Clemency Application

Criminal Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics
National Archive Criminal Justice Data
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
United States Sentencing Statistics

Spy Guidelines

Cryptome Spy Guides (Cell Phone, FB, E-Mail)
2010 Facebook Law Enforcement Guidelines
2011 Verizon Law Enforcement Guidelines
AOL Law Enforcement Guidelines
Law Enforcement Telephone Spying Resource Guide

Search Engines

Google Search Engine
Dogpile Search Engine

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