Associated Press
November 10, 2000

Gore Defeats Bush in Oregon

by Brad Cain

Salem, ORE. (AP) -- Vice President Al Gore narrowly defeated George W. Bush for Oregon's seven electoral votes in a bittersweet victory three days after the election.

The margin is so close that a recount cannot be precluded.

With 99 percent of the votes counted as of Friday afternoon, unofficial results gave 698,252 votes to Gore and 692,279 to Bush -- a difference of 5,973. The unofficial results showed Green Party candidate Ralph Nader with 74,156 votes.

A recount would be required by state law if the margin between Bush and Gore is less than one-fifth of 1 percent, or about 2,800 votes.

As of Friday afternoon, about 28,500 Oregon votes remained to be counted.

Gore's electoral vote total stands at 262, just shy of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Gore and Bush, who has 246 electoral votes, are dueling for Florida's 25 electoral votes -- and the White House.

It was the closest presidential race in Oregon since 1976, when Gerald Ford lost the election but edged Jimmy Carter by 1,713 votes in a recount.

With all eyes fixed on Florida to determine the outcome of the race, a victory in Oregon was considered largely symbolic because the state only has seven electoral votes.

Bush needs 24 electoral votes to reach the required 270, and Gore now needs just eight, but whoever wins Florida's 25 votes will move into the White House next January.

An official tally of Tuesday's vote isn't due from the counties until Nov. 27.

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