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Reaction to Michael Skakel Trial and Verdict


Selected Media Transcripts

6/8/02..Today Show, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

6/7/02..Hannity and Colmes, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

6/7/02..Larry King Live, Mickey Sherman on Trial and Verdict

Selected Newspaper Quotes

June 7, 2002...Skakel Attorney Mickey Sherman Following the Verdict:

``This is certainly the most upsetting verdict I've ever had or will ever have in my life...But I will tell you, as long as there's a breath in my body, this case is not over.''

 "I'm not bitter. I'm determined. I believe in Michael Skakel. I believe Michael Skakel. Like I said earlier, he didn't do it. He doesn't have a clue who did. He wasn't there. He never confessed. I meant it then. I mean it now. And I'm going to mean it in the next six months to three years or whatever it takes to get him out of custody. And it will happen. It will happen."

June 8, 2002...New Haven Civil Rights Attorney John Williams...Hartford Courant

"There was so little evidence of guilt that he shouldn't have even been charged. This is a monstrous verdict. It has nothing to do with whatever really happened on that night. ... I am horrified. I think this is a terrible miscarriage of justice."

Skakel "was convicted because the jury didn't believe the defense witnesses. He was convicted because of who he is and who had taken up the cause of the other side and for no other reason, If it weren't for the celebrity aspect of the case, [Skakel] would never have been arrested and prosecuted."

June 7, 2002...CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin After the Verdict:

"I'm glad I'm sitting up now. You had to scrape me off the floor when this started. I am very surprised."


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