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2001 Articles

12/12/01... Judge Rejects Claim in Skakel Case ...Court TV

11/19/01... Kennedy Nephew to be Tried As Adult ...Court TV

8/15/01... Skakel Will Prove Alibi, Lawyer Says ....Court TV

8/13/01... Voice from the Grave: Dead Witness Could Still Testify ....Court TV

8/8/01... Overdose Kills Witness in Kennedy Kin Murder Trial ....Reuters

6/6/01...Skakel Sues Newspaper Over Story Alleging Role in Robbery...Court TV

5/31/01...Prosecutor Opposes Motion to Dismiss...Court TV

4/20/01...Judge Rules Prosecution Can Bring Skakel to Trial ...Court TV

4/3/01...Skakel to be tried in Stamford ...Court TV

3/13/01... Investigator Says Skakel Attempted Suicide in '78...New York Times

3/01/01...Judge Mulls Venue Change....Court TV

2/15/01...Skakel to Appeal Ruling....Court TV

2/9/01...Prosecutors Want Case Moved....Associated Press

2/8/01...Criminal Treatment of Juvenile Murderers Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

2/2/01...Experts Expect Long Pretrial Process....Greenwich Time

1/31/01...Skakel to Be Tried as Adult....Court TV

2001 Select Media Transcripts

March 13, 2001...Good Morning America with Mickey Sherman, Lawyer for Michael Skakel

February 2, 2001...Today Show with Mickey Sherman, Lawyer for Michael Skakel


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