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John Walker Lindh

John Walker Lindh

Case News

5/29/02...Lindh Denied Access to Detainess...Washington Post

Attorneys for John Walker Lindh will not be allowed to interview al Qaeda prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay and must instead rely on government interrogators to ask questions they have provided, a federal judge ruled yesterday.

5/23/02...Lindh Pleaded to the Troops...Associated Press

John Walker Lindh pleaded "please don't kill me" as U.S. troops took the captured Taliban soldier to a U.S. military camp in Afghanistan, his defense lawyers said Thursday.

5/22/02...Lawyers Decry Lindh Treatment...Associated Press

Seven U.S. military personnel should be questioned about the treatment of American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh, who was kept in such harsh conditions that he had to be given an IV because he was dehydrated, Lindh's lawyers say.

5/17/02...Lindh Seeks Dismissal...Washington Post

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh asked a federal judge yesterday to either dismiss his case or move it to Northern California, arguing that negative comments by government officials have "created a poisoned atmosphere" that makes it impossible for him to get a fair trial.

5/17/02...Lindh Claims Selective Prosecution...New York Times

In another novel legal argument, lawyers for John Walker Lindh, the Californian accused of fighting alongside the Taliban, said today that the government was using "selective prosecution" in indicting him but taking no action against others who have conducted business with or worked on behalf of the former Afghanistan regime.

5/13/02...Lindh Lawyers Want Half of Charges Dropped...Reuters

John Walker Lindh's attorneys yesterday asked that most of the charges against the California man captured with Taliban soldiers be dismissed because they violate Lindh's First Amendment right to associate with any cause, no matter how unpopular.

5/13/02...Lindh Lawyers Want Half of Charges Dropped...Reuters

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh on Monday asked a U.S. judge to dismiss half of the 10-count indictment against him, including one count charging the American Taliban with conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens.

5/10/02...Lindh Lawyers Won't Call Secret Agent...Associated Press

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh are no longer seeking pretrial testimony from a U.S. agent who interviewed the U.S.-born Taliban soldier at a prison camp shortly before a CIA agent was killed there.

5/7/02...Lindh Judge Proposes Taliban Interviews...Reuters

A federal judge pushed on Monday for prosecutors to allow American Taliban John Walker Lindh's lawyers to interview by telephone or by video link-up detainees captured in Afghanistan who are being held at a U.S. military base in Cuba.

4/26/02...Lindh's Lawyers Ask for Trial Continuance ....CNN

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban," have asked a federal judge to delay the start of his trial because the government postponed turning over documents to them despite a court-imposed schedule.

4/26/02...Lindh Defense Wins Access ....Washington Post

Two dozen federal employees who had contact with John Walker Lindh in Afghanistan or on a Navy ship have agreed to talk to the lawyers defending him.

4/23/02...Lindh Opposes Secret Reports....Associated Press

Unclassified summaries of interviews with Taliban and al-Qaida captives should not be kept secret as the government proposes, lawyers for U.S.-born Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh said Tuesday.

4/20/02...Lindh Seeks CIA Agent's Testimony ....Washington Post

John Walker Lindh's attorneys asked a federal judge yesterday to subpoena a U.S. government official who interviewed their client at an Afghan prison shortly before a CIA officer was killed in an uprising there.

4/17/02. Detainees Gave Information on Lindh, Prosecutors Suggest....New York Times

Lawyers prosecuting John Walker Lindh, the Californian accused of fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan, suggested in court papers today that prisoners held in Cuba had supplied information about Mr. Lindh.

4/17/02. Lindh Lawyers to Receive Al Quaeda Interview Summaries....Associated Press

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh should be given 13 summaries of interviews with al-Qaida and Taliban detainees, but the material should not be made public, prosecutors said Tuesday.

4/5/02. Judge to Prosecutors: Preserve All Lindh Evidence....CNN.Com

A federal judge Thursday ordered the government to preserve all material related to the case of John Walker Lindh, the California native accused of fighting with the Taliban.

4/2/02. Prosecutors Concede Limits of Case Against Lindh....Washington Post

The U.S. government has no evidence that John Walker Lindh, the American captured with Taliban fighters, ever killed or shot at U.S. citizens, including the CIA officer who was slain in a prison uprising shortly after interviewing Lindh, prosecutors acknowledged at a hearing yesterday.

4/1/02. Lawyers Clash Over Lindh Treatment....Associated Press

John Walker Lindh's lawyers say the American-born Taliban fighter was held under horrific conditions after his capture in Afghanistan. The government counters that his food and medical care equaled that of U.S. soldiers.

3/30/02. Prosecutors: Lindh Kept Naked But Not Tortured....San Francisco Chronicle

Federal prosecutors denounced accused traitor John Walker Lindh's contention that he was mentally and physically tortured and threatened with death after he fell into U.S. custody last year in Afghanistan, but admit he was was restrained, stripped,placed on a stretcher in a container and not given clothes for two days.

3/23/02.. Lindh Team Offers List of Abuses....L.A. Times

Claiming John Walker Lindh was a soldier, not a terrorist, his attorneys presented new details Friday of his initial weeks in captivity and said the traumatized young prisoner cooperated with the FBI only in the hope of ending mistreatment by U.S. authorities.

3/18/02.. A Cousin, Also a Convert to Islam, Calls Lindh a 'True Hero' and Says He Is Innocent....New York Times

Musa Abdun Nur said he was convinced that Mr. Lindh, who is facing federal charges that include conspiracy to kill Americans, was no terrorist and no traitor. Mr. Abdun Nur said he believed in Mr. Lindh's innocence because he knew him better than most people: he is Mr. Lindh's cousin.

3/16/02...In Defense of John Walker Lindh...By Karen Breslau, Newsweek

The American Taliban’s defense team hopes to prove that Lindh stayed with the Taliban out of fear, not love or loyalty.

3/15/02.. American Taliban Fighter Wants Access to Detainees....Reuters

Lawyers for John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban fighter charged with conspiring to kill Americans abroad, said on Friday a fair trial requires their access to prisoners captured in Afghanistan and held at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere.

2/14/02... Lindh Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Aid ....Washington Post

The American man captured with Taliban fighters pleaded not guilty yesterday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria and could face trial as soon as August on charges that he helped terrorist organizations and conspired to kill Americans abroad.

2/11/02... Lindh's Defensive Play ....Newsweek

The American Taliban’s lawyers target the circumstances of his confession as the case against the accused terrorist heats up.

2/8/02... FBI Failed to Get Lindh's Statement in Writing ....Miami Herald

The FBI may have violated its own rules in questioning John Walker Lindh by not taping or transcribing his statements, and that could determine the outcome of the case against him, experts said Thursday.

2/6/02... American Taliban Fighter to Remain in Jail ....Reuters

Magistrate Judge W. Curtis Sewell rejected a request to release tJohn Walker Lindh, ruling he posed a risk of fleeing the country and presented a danger to the community.

2/6/02... Lindh Lawyers Cite 'Coercive' Treatment by U.S. Forces....New York Times

As a federal grand jury indicted Mr. Lindh on 10 criminal charges today, his lawyers filed an unusual statement with the court that offered Mr. Lindh's harrowing account of his treatment after he was captured in November near Mazar-i-Sharif, following what his lawyers said was a 50-mile trek through mountains with little food or water.

1/25/02... John Walker Lindh Appears in Alexandria Court....Washington Post

The American captured with Taliban forces in Afghanistan appeared in U.S. District Court in Alexandria yesterday. Lindh's lead attorney, James Brosnahan complained that statements taken from him, which form the foundation of the government's criminal complaint, were made after Lindh had asked for a lawyer and been denied one.

1/23/02... Walker Arrives in the U.S....New York Times

John Walker, the 20-year-old Californian accused of fighting in Afghanistan against his own countrymen, arrived on American soil today to await trial, officials said.

1/22/02... American Taliban Fighter Due in US Soon - Ashcroft...Reuters

Accused U.S. Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh was expected to leave Afghanistan soon to stand trial in the United States, Attorney General John Ashcroft said on Monday.

1/17/02... Whether Walker Knew of Counsel Is Issue...New York Times

A battle has broken out between Attorney General John Ashcroft and lawyers who say they represent John Walker, the Californian-turned-Taliban warrior, about whether investigators improperly kept Mr. Walker from conferring with the lawyers while he was being questioned.

1/15/02... Transcript of John Ashcroft's Announcement...Washington Post

text of a press conference held by Attorney General John Ashcroft announcing that the United States has charged American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh with crimes including conspiracy to kill American citizens.

1/15/02... No Death Penalty Charges Against Amercian Taliban...Washington Post

Captured American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh Walker was charged in federal district court in Alexandria with engaging in a conspiracy outside the United States to kill U.S. citizens, which Ashcroft said was specifically U.S. military forces in Afghanistan. Walker is also accused in the court papers with providing resources and material support to terrorists.

1/14/02...John Walker's Strange Odyssey ...Washington Post

Before he became known on battlefields in Afghanistan as the holy warrior Abdul Hamid, or had shocked his doting parents by adopting the Muslim name Suleyman, John Walker Lindh walked into a mosque in this foggy hillside town near the Golden Gate Bridge five years ago eager to learn about a religion that would soon dominate his life.

12/22/01... U.S. Expatriate Is Seen Facing Capital Charge ...New York Times

Administration officials said today that John Walker, the American who was captured in Afghanistan, would probably face at least one charge that would carry the death penalty, and President Bush linked Mr. Walker directly with the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

12/21/01... Va. Trial on Terror-Related Charge Sought for Walker ...Washington Post

The Justice Department has recommended that the American caught with al Qaeda and Taliban forces be tried in Virginia on charges of providing assistance to international terrorists, but President Bush has not decided whether to approve the suggestion.

12/20/01... Walker's Case Poses Novel Legal Issues ...Washington Post

The U.S. military has the right to interrogate detained American al Qaeda suspect John Walker without a lawyer present, but any information it gathers may not be admissible against him in a criminal case later, legal analysts said yesterday.


1/16/02...The Prosecution of John Walker....New York Times Editorial

The Bush administration is doing the right thing by prosecuting John Walker in a civilian court rather than a military tribunal or a court-martial for his association with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. As the case proceeds, the Justice Department must ensure that he receives a fair trial.

1/4/02...Handling John Walker...Washington Post Editorial

If there is no evidence that Mr. Walker conspired with Osama bin Laden in planning crimes against Americans, the most severe charges now under consideration may not be appropriate. As Mr. Walker doesn't seem to be an example of much of anything, there's no need to make an example of him.

1/2/02...How CNN Captured John Walker: Midnight Confession by Cynthia Cotts,,, Village Voice

Since it first aired on December 19, CNN's hospital-bed interview with "American Taliban" John Walker has been heavily hyped, but no one has pointed out what it truly displays: the power of media to indict a man more efficiently than any prosecutor.

12/29/01... It Won't Be Easy to Convict John Walker ...Professor Leon Friedman, New York Times

The Justice Department has listed six charges it is considering against John Walker, the 20-year-old American from California who joined the Taliban. Against these charges, Mr. Walker may be able to put on a surprisingly strong case in federal court.

12/14/01... Don't Rush to Judgment on John Walker ...Professor Marjorie Cohn, JURIST Network

Mr. Walker does not come under the jurisdiction of a military court under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as he is not in the U.S. military. He cannot be tried in one of the Bush administration's new secret military tribunals, as they apply only to noncitizens. Mr. Walker has not renounced his U.S. citizenship.

Select Case Documents

5/15/02... Lindh's Brief in Support of Motion to Dismiss or Transfer Case ...

3/15/02... Lindh's Motion for Production of Documents ..

2/6/02... Government's Response to Bail Request ...New York Times

2/6/02... Text of Federal Indictment Against John Walker Lindh ...Washington Post

2/6/02... Excerpt From Lawyers' Filing for Lindh: 'Threatened Him With Death'

1/15/02... Text of Federal Criminal Complaint Against John Walker Lindh ...Washington Post

Title 18, United States Code, Section 2332
Killing, attempting to kill, or engaging in a conspiracy to kill a national of the United States while such national is outside the United States

Title 18, United States Code, Section 2339B
Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations

Executive Order 13129 Blocking property and prohibiting transactions with the Taliban; July 4, 1999

Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui

Case News

5/31/02.. Judge Gets Moussaoui Psych Report ....Associated Press

A judge on Thursday issued a secrecy order for a psychiatric report on Zacarias Moussaoui, the man indicted as a conspirator in the Sept. 11 attacks.

5/30/02.. Moussaoui's Mom Hires Lawyer to Dissuade Son ....Associated Press

The mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, the the only person charged in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks, has hired a civil rights lawyer here to persuade her son to abandon his plans to represent himself at his trial.

5/28/02.. Moussaoui Memo Says FBI Stalled Probe After Attacks ....Los Angeles Times

FBI officials in Washington not only stymied an investigation into flight school student Zacarias Moussaoui before Sept. 11, but also actively tried to stop field agents from connecting the suspected 20th hijacker to the terrorist attacks after they occurred, a Minnesota field agent contends in a 13-page "whistle-blower" letter made public Sunday.

5/23/02.. Probe Opened of FBI Mishandling of Moussaoui Case ....Reuters

FBI Director Robert Mueller said on Thursday an investigation has begun into complaints by an agent in Minneapolis that FBI headquarters mishandled the case of Zacarias Moussaoui before the Sept. 11 attacks on America.

5/16/02.. Moussaoui Balks At Psychiatric Tests ....New York Times

Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in the Sept. 11 terror attacks, is refusing to submit to a psychiatric examination, leading a federal judge to warn that she may deny his request to represent himself at trial, according to a court document released today.

5/12/02.. Terrorism Case Sets Dilemma For Judge ....Washington Post

Moussaoui's judge could face a stark choice, legal analysts say: allow an alleged terrorist to use his defense as a political platform or find him mentally incompetent and cancel the trial.

5/10/02.. Prosecutors Insist Death Penalty is Appropriate for Moussaoui....New York Times

Prosecutors said in court papers filed today that Mr. Moussaoui misled immigration agents in August in an effort to allow the Sept. 11 plot to go forward, warranting the death penalty.

4/30/02.. Prominent Psychiatrist to Examine Moussaoui....Washington Post

Raymond Patterson, a prominent forensic psychiatrist who once treated presidential assailant John W. Hinckley Jr., has been appointed by a federal judge to evaluate whether Zacarias Moussaoui is mentally competent to defend himself against terrorism charges.

4/27/02.. Moussaoui Says U.S. Can't Seek Death Penalty....Washington Post

Zacarias Moussaoui, the only man indicted for the Sept. 11 attacks on America, argued on Friday that the U.S. government could not seek the death penalty against him because he had not been accused of any acts that directly caused deaths.

4/25/02.. Prosecutors Refuse to Meet With Moussaoui....Associated Press

Zacarias Moussaoui, the man indicted as a Sept. 11 accomplice, tried to speak with prosecutors about the death penalty and classified information but they refused, the government said Thursday.

4/24/02.. Moussaoui: Extensive Mental Tests Sought....New York Times

The lawyers for Zacarias Moussaoui said their client, the man identified by prosecutors as the 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11 attacks, might be mentally ill and should not be allowed to defend himself at trial without a sweeping psychiatric examination to determine his competence.

4/23/02.. Moussaoui Wants to Defend Himself....Washington Post

Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person facing American charges in the Sept. 11 hijackings, jarred a federal courtroom yesterday by telling a judge he wants to fire his court-appointed attorneys and praying for the destruction of the United States and Israel.

4/18/02.. Restrictions on Moussaoui Argued....Associated Press

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema has scheduled a hearing for Monday on Moussaoui's request to ease his isolation in the Alexandria Detention Center, where he has no contact with other prisoners and is monitored constantly.

3/28/02.. Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty Against Moussaoui ....Washington Post

The Justice Department will seek the death penalty against Zacarias Moussaoui if he is convicted of conspiring with the 19 hijackers to commit the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

3/20/02.. France Warns US on Seeking Death Penalty for Moussaoui ....VOA News

The French government says it may review its cooperation with the U.S. investigation into the attacks if suspect Zacarias Moussaoui faces a death sentence.

3/19/02.. Moussaoui Case Tests Sept. 11 Probe....USA Today

The trial of terrorism suspect Zaccarias Moussaoui is more than six months away, but prosecutors and defense attorneys already are prodding each other's cases for weaknesses to exploit in what could be one of the most significant courtroom battles in U.S. history.

3/19/02.. Prosecutors Seek a Death Sentence in Terrorism Case....New York Times

Federal prosecutors in Virginia and New York are seeking the death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui, who has been identified by law enforcement officials as the "20th hijacker" in the Sept. 11 attacks, government officials said today.

2/8/02... Flight Student's Grand Goals Led to Suspicion, Then Arrest ....New York Times

An e-mail message "brimming with ambition" obtained by The New York Times with other related documents, and interviews with officials at Pan Am International, provide the most detailed picture yet of a flight school's encounter with Mr. Moussaoui.

1/31/02... Moussaoui Probe Pushed U.S. Limits ....Washington Post

A deportation plan aimed at obtaining Moussaoui's computer records was the last gasp of a frantic and wide-ranging effort by the FBI, the CIA, the INS, the National Security Agency, the French intelligence service and others to determine, before Sept. 11, whether terrorists were planning a major strike against the United States, according to interviews with U.S. law enforcement officials.

1/18/02... Judge Cites Security, Rejects TV in Moussaoui Trial...Reuters

A U.S. judge on Friday rejected a request by cable network Court TV to televise the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, saying there were ``significant concerns'' about security in the trial of the first person indicted in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks on America.

1/9/02...Sept. 11 Terror Suspect Backs Effort to Televise His Trial ...New York Times

A lawyer for Zacarias Moussaoui, the first person charged with complicity in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said at a hearing in federal court today that Mr. Moussaoui supported a legal effort by a cable television network to broadcast his trial.

1/5/02...Terror Suspect Wants Live TV Trial Coverage ...Washington Post

Attorneys for Zacarias Moussaoui, the only man facing U.S. charges in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, asked a judge yesterday to allow a worldwide live broadcast of his trial next fall -- an unusual move for a defendant in a capital murder case.

1/3/02...Not Guilty Plea Is Set for Man in Terror Case...New York Times

Invoking the name of Allah, Zacarias Moussaoui refused to enter a plea today to a six-count criminal indictment that accused him of a role in the Sept. 11 terrorist plot. His lawyer and the judge in the case then entered a plea of not guilty for him.

1/2/02...Hijack Plot Suspicions Raised With FBI in August...Washington Post

An FBI agent and a Minnesota flight school official discussed the possibility that alleged terrorist conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui was part of a hijacking plot before the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington, according to a letter obtained by The Washington Post, raising new questions about the FBI's handling of the case of Moussaoui.

1/1/02...Moussaoui to Enter Plea on Sept. 11 Charges...Reuters

Zacarias Moussaoui, the first man to be indicted on charges involving the Sept. 11 attacks, is due in court on Wednesday to enter a plea on charges of conspiring with Osama bin Laden and others to murder thousands of people.

12/28/01...Judge Sets Dates in Moussaoui Sept. 11 Trial ...Reuters

The U.S. government has until March 29 to say whether it plans to seek the death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui, the first person indicted in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

12/27/01...Mother Says Moussaoui Innocent of Sept. 11 Attacks ...Reuters

The mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, the first person indicted in the Sept. 11 attacks on America which killed nearly 3,300 people, insisted on Thursday that her son was innocent and appealed for him not to be made into a scapegoat.

12/26/01...An Unpredictable Judge Is to Preside in First Case of an Accused Terrorist ...New York Times

In one of the nation's most conservative courthouses, Judge Leonie M. Brinkema has always stood out. Not only as one of the most liberal judges on the federal court in the capital's leafy Virginia suburbs, but also as one of the least predictable in her rulings, which are often reversed on appeal for reasons that go beyond politics.

12/01... Background of Zacarias Moussaoui ...CBC News

Zacarias Moussaoui is a 33-year-old French citizen of Moroccan descent.enrolled in a flight school in Norman, Okla. in February, where his teacher remembered him as an enthusiastic but poor student. He was arrested weeks before the attacks, on Aug. 17, in Eagan, Minn. on an alleged passport violation. His computer was seized and searched and FBI Director Robert Mueller told federal prosecutors that Moussaoui's computer did not link him to the Sept. 11 attacks. His mother and brother have said that Islamic fundamentalists "brainwashed" Moussaoui while he was in England, where he was studying business at a London university. They said before he left in 1993 Moussaoui was a fan of NBA basketball, blue jeans and Bruce Springsteen.


4/25/02...A Muslim Lawyer for Moussaoui...New York Times

The United States is committed to due process even in the most horrendous circumstances. We are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure fair trials, even for those who say they pray for "destruction of the United States." While Zacarias Moussaoui's religious bias is unwelcome in our legal system, it may make sense to indulge him.

4/25/02...A Slave of Allah Wounds Justice...Los AngelesTimes

What is disturbing is that there appears to be considerable room to challenge the charges against Moussaoui. The evidence introduced against him is highly circumstantial and some of the legal charges are questionable. These defenses will likely be lost in the ravings of a zealot. That will neither serve the ends of justice nor Moussaoui.

1/3/02...Televise Terror Trial...San Diego Tribune Editorial

A televised trial of Zacharias Moussaoui would demonstrate to the world that the U.S. judicial system is both open and fair. It would illustrate not only to Americans, but also to Muslims around the globe, that American justice is firmly rooted in an even-handed examination of the facts, starting with a presumption of innocence and concluding with an impartial jury deciding the outcome, subject to appeal in higher courts.

1/3/02...Slam Dunk...Washington Post Editorial

Moussaoui could face the death penalty on several of the counts against him. It's tempting to call for his head in summary vengeance for the thousands of dead and tens of thousands of affected family and friends. But it will be satisfying to see the justice system produce a fair outcome, as it surely will, the American way -- with justice for all and for all to see.

Select Case Documents

5/28/02...Text of Coleen Rowley's Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller

5/15/02 Response by Moussaoui Opposing the Death Penalty

Transcript of 4/22 Moussaoui Statement to Court

Government's Notice of Intent to Seek Death Penalty

Moussaoui's Motion in Support of Televised Trial

Text of Federal Indictment Against Zacarias Moussaoui

Hearing Schedule U.S. v. Zacarias Moussaoui

Federal Court Docket Sheet in U.S. v. Zacarias Moussaoui

Richard Reid

Richard Reid

Case News

5/23/02... U.S.:Shoe Bomb Suspect Had Help....Associated Press

The man suspected of trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with a bomb in his shoe told his mother that he had a duty as a Muslim to "help remove oppressive American forces," according to court documents released Thursday.

3/31/02... Shoe Bomb Suspect's Journey Into al Qaeda....Washington Post

As depicted by prosecutors, Richard Reid is a dramatic example of a problem that frightens European governments: a network of young men recruited by Osama bin Laden, ready to give their lives on instructions from mysterious distant handlers.

3/4/02... Prosecutors to Simulate Blast in Shoe Bomber Case....Reuters

Prosecutors preparing for the trial of Richard Reid, accused of trying to blow up a transatlantic flight in December with bombs in his shoes, said on Monday they planned to recreate the explosive device and set it off before the trial.

1/19/02... Shoe Bomber' Suspect Pleads Not Guilty...New York Times

Richard Colvin Reid, the third alleged al Qaeda operative to be charged with terrorist crimes by U.S. prosecutors since Sept. 11, pleaded not guilty today to charges alleging he tried to blow up a transatlantic flight with explosives in his shoes.

1/16/02... U.S. Indicts Shoebomb Suspect on Nine Counts...Reuters

Richard Reid, the British citizen accused of allegedly trying to blow up an aircraft with explosives in his shoes, was indicted on Wednesday on nine counts, including attempted murder.

1/6/02... Shoe-Bomb Flight -- A Trial Run? ...San Francisco Chronicle

As investigators gather evidence about possible links between alleged airline shoe-bomber Richard Reid and the al Qaeda terrorist organization, intelligence officials on both sides of the Atlantic are floating a disturbing theory: that Reid's bombing attempt may have been a "trial run" for future, simultaneous attacks against passenger jets to be carried out by supporters of Osama bin Laden.

12/29/01... The Shadowy Trail and Shift to Islam of a Bomb Suspect ...New York Times

If Richard Reid had grand ambitions in international terrorism, it was in stark contrast to the routine of his life in Britain where, until last week, he was very much his father's son, following a life of minor crime and a conversion to Islam, a faith that provided a new identity and a new name, Abdel Rahim.

12/28/01... Judge Orders Shoe - Bomb Suspect Held in Jail ...Reuters

The man suspected of trying to destroy a transatlantic airliner by detonating explosives in his shoes was ordered held without bail on Friday after an FBI agent said the bombs were powerful enough to blow a hole in the jet.

12/28/01... Dutch Authorities Track Movements of Bomb Suspect ...New York Times

The Netherlands joined efforts today to establish the movements of Richard C. Reid in the days and weeks before he apparently tried to use explosives hidden in his black suede basketball sneakers to blow up a plane flying from Paris to Miami.

12/27/01... Shoe Bomb Suspect's Lawyers See No Terror Links ...Reuters

The court-appointed lawyers for Richard Reid, the man suspected of trying to blow up a Paris-to-Miami flight with explosives in his shoes, said they had no evidence connecting his acts to a wider plot though seemingly contradictory information emerged Thursday.

12/26/01... Shoe Bomber Suspect Seen as Misguided Radical ...Reuters

The man suspected of trying to blow up a Paris-Miami flight over the Atlantic was portrayed on Wednesday as a gullible disciple of radical Islam who could be one of many such converts waiting to launch terror attacks.

12/26/01... Sky terror suspect on suicide watch...Court TV

The man who authorities say hid explosives in his shoes and tried to ignite them during a trans-Atlantic flight has been placed under a suicide watch pending a psychological examination.

12/25/01... Officials Remain Uncertain on Identity of Suspect on Jet ...New York Times

— Federal officials said today that the man who tried to ignite explosives in his shoes on a flight from Paris to Miami on Saturday had no known address, and investigators in the United States and Europe struggled to determine his identity, nationality and motive.

12/24/01... Bomb-Carrying Suspect Charged ...Washington Post

Federal law enforcement officials have determined that a man who tried to light his shoes on fire before being subdued by passengers aboard a flight from Paris to Miami on Saturday had explosives in his sneakers. He was charged yesterday with interfering with flight attendants, a felony.


Select Case Documents

5/20/02... Reid's Motion to Suppress Statements

12/23/01... Indictment against Richard Reid

12/23/01... Text of FBI Affidavit and Complaint against Richard Reid

Federal Court Docket Sheet in U.S. v. Richard Reid

Military Tribunals, Courts and Detainees


Military justice is to justice what military music is to music - George Clemenceau

5/29/02.. Rights Report Says 9/11 Used to Curb Dissent ...Associated Press

The United States and governments around the world have used the post-Sept. 11 war on terrorism to erode human rights and stifle political dissent, Amnesty International said Tuesday.

5/13/02.. More Opposition to Detentions in Terror Probe ...Boston Globe

A pair of high-profile lawsuits and the first signs of skepticism from the courts, all within the past month, are posing new challenges to Justice Department investigators who scoured the country for suspected terrorists in the months after the Sept. 11 attacks.

5/5/02.. A Willing Witness, a Painful Price ...Washington Post

Since he came forward voluntarily to give information about two men who turned out to be Sept. 11 hijackers, Alrababah has spent seven months in federal custody -- almost entirely in solitary -- first as a material witness and then charged and convicted in an unrelated identification fraud case.

4/30/02.. Prisoners Transferred to New Cells In Cuba ...Associated Press

Under stringent security, guards transferred 300 suspects of the war on terrorism from makeshift cells at Camp X-Ray to a permanent new facility at Camp Delta, military officials said today.

4/27/02.. Dispute That Prevented New Jersey Deportations Is Resolved ...New York Times

Civil rights lawyers and the Justice Department yesterday settled a dispute over the deportation of foreign prisoners in New Jersey that had disrupted immigration proceedings at two county jails for nearly a week.

4/18/02.. U.S.: No Lawyers for Jailed ...Associated Press

In its latest rebuff to demands for an independent body to decide the legal status of captives held here, the United States said detainees have no right to lawyers, and can be held as long as the U.S.-led war on terrorism lasts.

4/18/02.. Jailed Muslims Sue Over Sept. 11 Arrests ...Reuters

Three imprisoned Muslims on Wednesday filed the first class-action lawsuit accusing the U.S. government of using ethnic and religious profiling to jail noncitizens after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

4/5/02.. U.S. Born Detainee Moved to Virginia ...Associated Press

An American-born man captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan will be held at a military jail in Norfolk, Va., while U.S. officials decide his legal status.

4/3/02.. Justice Department to Examine Treatment of Detainees at 2 Jails ...Washington Post

The Justice Department's Office of Inspector General has opened a review to determine whether authorities violated the civil liberties of detainees taken into custody during the investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks,

3/28/02.. Some Detainees May Be Held Even if Acquitted ...Washington Post

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday it would be "mindless" to release captives from the Afghan war before it's over and he doesn't know when that might be.

3/22/02.. Pentagon Says Acquittals May Not Free Detainees ...New York Times

Pentagon officials raised the possibility today of indefinite detention of prisoners from the Afghan war, saying that captives might not be released from United States custody even if they were acquitted in a military tribunal.

3/22/02.. Phone and Credit Files Link Student Held in New York to 3 Terrorism Figures ...Houston Chronicle

A Bradley University graduate student from Qatar who was arrested in January may have links through telephone records to three men named as conspirators in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to documents unsealed in federal court here.

3/22/02.. Rules for Military Terror Trials Set, Criticized....Reuters

The United States on Thursday unveiled rules for expected military trials of some al Qaeda and Taliban captives in the war on terror and quickly blew up a storm of criticism over defendant rights.

3/21/02.. U.S. Adds Legal Rights in Tribunals ....Washington Post

The Bush administration has settled on a complex set of military tribunal regulations more advantageous to al Qaeda and Taliban defendants than the guidelines President Bush originally issued in November, knowledgeable sources said yesterday.

3/15/02..DOD Close to Unveiling Tribunal Details ...United Press International

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Friday that the government has finalized most details of the procedures to be followed by special military tribunals that may be created to try foreign terrorists but declined to specify details, saying he did not want the plan criticized until it is released in its entirety.

3/14/02..Detainees' Legal Limbo Decried ...Washington Post

Large numbers of immigrants detained since the Sept. 11 attacks continue to be held in a bewildering legal limbo, often without access to family members, lawyers or even basic information about why they are in jail, a human rights organization has concluded.

3/11/02... Suspects Sent to 3rd Countries for Interrogation ....Washington Post

Since Sept. 11, the U.S. government has secretly transported dozens of people suspected of links to terrorists to countries other than the United States, bypassing extradition procedures and legal formalities, according to Western diplomats and intelligence sources. The suspects have been taken to countries, including Egypt and Jordan, whose intelligence services have close ties to the CIA and where they can be subjected to interrogation tactics -- including torture and threats to families -- that are illegal in the United States, the sources said. In some cases, U.S. intelligence agents remain closely involved in the interrogation, the sources said."After September 11, these sorts of movements have been occurring all the time," a U.S. diplomat said. "It allows us to get information from terrorists in a way we can't do on U.S. soil."

3/11/02...A Sept. 11 Casualty: 'Radio Man' Jailed for a Month, Then Freed ....Washington Post

During the investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks, more than 1,000 people, many of them noncitizens, have been detained. Some were held on criminal charges, many more on immigration violations, a number as material witnesses – and hundreds of them have been deported or freed over the months as the government failed to connect them with terrorism. One was Abdallah Higazy.

2/20/02... Detention of 3 Men in Cuba Disputed: Suit Seeks Freedom for Terror Suspects ....Washington Post

Attorneys for the families of three suspected terrorists imprisoned at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, yesterday asked a federal judge to free the men or hold a hearing into whether they should be let go.

2/19/02... Jordanian Detainee Testifies On Abuse ....Washington Post

A Jordanian student testified in federal court today that law enforcement agents subjected him to physical abuse and harassment during a three-week, four-prison odyssey following his arrest as a material witness in the investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

2/18/02... Though Not Linked to Terrorism, Many Detainees Cannot Go Home ....New York Times

The Justice Department has blocked the departures of 87 foreign detainees who had been ordered deported or had agreed to go home, while investigators comb through information pouring in from overseas to ensure that they have no ties to terrorism, law enforcement officials say.

2/13/02... Extended Detention in Cuba Mulled ....New York Times

As the Bush administration nears completion of new rules for conducting military trials of foreign detainees, U.S. officials say they envision the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a site for the tribunals and as a terrorist penal colony for many years to come.

2/13/02... Case Tying Algerian to Sept. 11 Attacks Collapses in Britain ....New York Times

An American effort to extradite an Algerian pilot on charges of direct links to the Sept. 11 hijackers collapsed today, and the pilot, once identified by American investigators as the "lead trainer" of the attackers, walked free on $14,200 bail.

2/13/02... Special Legal Team Formed to Handle Detainee Suits ....New York Times

The Justice Department has created a special team of lawyers headed by Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson to oversee all court challenges to the government's policy of detaining terrorism suspects indefinitely on an American military base in Cuba, administration officials said today.

2/12/02... Alleged Beating of Prisoners Sparks Inquiry ....Washington Post

The Pentagon yesterday began investigating allegations that mistakenly detained Afghan villagers were beaten in U.S. custody as senior defense officials questioned new reports that the CIA may have accidentally killed the wrong people in a missile attack last week.

2/12/02... Military Tribunals May Allow Appeals - Report ....Reuters

Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects tried before U.S. military tribunals will be given the right to appeal convictions and the death penalty would not be imposed without a unanimous decision by presiding judges, under rules being considered by the Pentagon, CBS News reported on Monday.

2/8/02... Guantanamo Inmates Are POWs Despite Bush View ....Reuters

The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Friday it considered Taliban and al Qaeda fighters held by U.S. forces to be prisoners of war, despite Washington's latest refusal to accept that.

1/31/02... Groups Find Way to Get Names of INS Detainees ....Washington Post

Two New Jersey civil rights groups have taken advantage of an existing Immigration and Naturalization Service policy to try to collect the names of potentially hundreds of people detained in the government's post-Sept. 11 dragnet, effectively getting around the Justice Department's blackout on information about the detainees by holding legal presentations in INS facilities to any detainee who would like to come.

1/27/02... Powell Asks Bush to Reverse Stand on War Captives ....New York Times

Breaking with other cabinet officials, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has asked President Bush to reverse himself and declare that the captives being held in Afghanistan and at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, are entitled to protection by the Geneva Conventions on prisoners of war, administration officials said today.

1/27/02... Most Experts Say Al Qaeda Members Aren't POWs but Taliban Fighters Might Be ....Washington Post

A loose consensus has emerged among many legal specialists, as well as a number of critics and defenders of the U.S. military's treatment of the 158 detainees, that many of the captured Taliban fighters should be declared POWs after hearings on their cases – a status that would grant them an array of protections under international law.

1/21/02... Judge to Hear Petition on Al Qaeda Detainees...Reuters

A federal judge in Los Angeles has agreed to hear a petition from civil rights advocates demanding that the U.S. government clarify the situation of terrorism suspects held at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.

1/21/02... Images of Afghan Prisoners Stir Controversy...Reuters

Dramatic pictures of gagged and manacled al Quaeda and Taliban prisoners at a U.S. prison camp in Cuba have stirred controversy in Europe and the Middle East.

1/17/02... U.S. Pressed on Detainees' Treatment...Washington Post

From left, right and center, criticism increased in several allied countries today over the U.S. treatment of prisoners airlifted from Afghanistan to the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

1/16/02... U.N.: Afghan Detainees Are War Prisoners...United Press International

Taliban and al Qaida fighters held at a U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are prisoners of war who should be repatriated once armed hostilities end unless they face criminal charges."The overwhelming view of legal opinion is that they were combatants in an international armed conflict and their status is defined and protected by the Geneva Conventions of 1949," said Mary Robinson, U.N. high commissioner for human rights. "They are prisoners of war."

1/15/02... Delays Cited In Charging Detainees ...Washington Post

Scores of immigrants detained after the Sept. 11 terror attacks were jailed for weeks before they were charged with immigration violations, according to documents released by the Justice Department.

1/12/02...Detainees Arrive in Cuba Amid Very Tight Security ...Washington Post

The first detainee to arrive here from Afghanistan appeared just before 3 p.m. in the rear doorway of the Air Force C-141 transport, a manacled figure in a fluorescent-orange jumpsuit and matching cap.

1/11/02...Pentagon: Geneva Convention Doesn't Cover Detainees ...Reuters

Hundreds of dangerous al Qaeda and Taliban detainees held by the U.S. military are ``unlawful combatants,'' not prisoners of war, and not guaranteed rights under the 1949 Geneva Convention, Pentagon leaders said on Friday.

12/29/01...Draft Rules for Tribunals Ease Worries, but Not All ...New York Times

Critics of the Bush administration's proposed military tribunals were encouraged today by draft regulations for trying people accused of terrorism, but they remained wary over how appeals would be conducted, the lack of specific Congressional authorization for the tribunals and whether the tribunals were needed at all.

12/28/01...Rules on Tribunal Require Unanimity on Death Penalty ...New York Times

The military tribunals that may be used to try Al Qaeda members and others accused of terrorism will require a unanimous verdict to impose a death penalty, although a two-thirds vote of the panel of military officers will be enough to find someone guilty, according to rules drafted by senior Bush administration officials.

12/28/01...Just Who Would Want to Defend Suspects Before a Tribunal? Probably Plenty ...New York Times

As Pentagon officials finish assembling a draft of the rules that will govern military tribunals, there is no shortage of defense lawyers willing, if not eager, to step in on behalf of anyone accused of terrorism who might be tried before them.

12/28/01...Terrorism Tribunal Standards Weighed ...Washington Post

International terrorism suspects brought before U.S. military comissions would be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, could be sentenced to death only by a unanimous vote of the commissions' members and would have the right to an appeal, according to draft procedures for the commissions.

12/27/01...Al Qaeda Fighters to Be Held at U.S. Base in Cuba ...Reuters

The United States is planning to turn its Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, into a detention center for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters taken prisoner a half a world away in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Thursday.

12/26/01...Critics' Attack on Tribunals Turns to Law Among Nations ...New York Times

Going beyond claims that the military tribunals authorized by President Bush would violate civil liberties guaranteed by American law, some experts are beginning to argue that they would breach international law guaranteeing fair treatment of prisoners of war.


3/21/02...Military Tribunals Modifed William Safire, New York Times

The Pentagon rules that will be made public today give suspected terrorists the rights (1) to the presumption of innocence; (2) to choose counsel and to see the prosecution's evidence; (3) to trial in public — a great human right — though classified information will be kept secret; and (4) to remain silent with no adverse inference to be drawn.

1/30/02... Justice at Guantánamo ...New York Times Editorial

Following the standards of the Geneva Convention, a treaty signed by Washington and properly ratified by the Senate, does not require coddling violent enemies of the United States. It simply requires applying America's proud standards of justice to them.

1/29/02... Let Them Be P.O.W.'s Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times

There's no practical downside to granting P.O.W. status. But there are huge advantages to recognizing the detainees as P.O.W.'s.

1/26/02... Captives and the Law Anthony Lewis, New York Times

The handling of the prisoners in Camp X-Ray has given the United States a self-inflicted wound. Fencing around with legalistic reasons to deny them rights due prisoners of war convinces hardly anyone. The administration should have learned by now that the world may be with us in fighting terrorism, but it wants to hold us to our professed ideals.

1/25/02...The Guantanamo Story ...Washington Post Editorial

The administration should make clear that it will fully respect the Geneva Convention in its handling of all detainees. Doing so would not hamper its ability to prosecute al Qaeda and Taliban members for the crimes they have committed, and might not require any significant change in the treatment of the prisoners. It will, however, make clear that the United States upholds international human rights law.

1/22/02...The Prisoners at Guantánamo ...New York Times Editorial

The handling and prosecution of Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners at the American naval base in Guantánamo, Cuba, cannot be left to the whim of the Pentagon. The United States should stand for the rule of law, even when it comes to prosecuting violent enemies committed to carrying out terrorist attacks. Any detainees who qualify for prisoner of war status cannot be brought before the military commissions proposed by the Bush administration, but must be tried under regular court-martial procedure or in American civilian courts.

January, 2002...Tribunal Herman Schwartz, The Nation

he regulations proposed to implement George W. Bush's order establishing military commissions for the trial of "international terrorists" are mere window dressing and will not cure the fatal defects of the order. They provide the accused with so little protection as to raise a suspicion that they are made primarily to disarm the critics.

January, 2002...War and the George P. Fletcher, American Prospect

Any serious examination of the sources -- statutes and Supreme Court cases -- should lead a fair-minded scholar to the opposite conclusion: There is no law available to support the proposed Bush tribunals. Leave aside whether the tribunals would be good or bad, kangaroo courts or simply streamlined procedure; the president has no authority to create them.

January, 2002...Ashcroft's Peter Schrag, American Prospect

National emergencies always create an uneasy line between the country's collective security and individuals' civil liberties. The threat of terrorism makes the line even more uncertain. But at a time when the United States is trying to make a point about freedom and democracy, secret tribunals are hardly the way to impress the world.

1/4/02...Modifying Military Tribunals...Washington Times Editorial

The improvements in the draft regulations for military tribunals are another indication that the administration understands that there need be no conflict between bringing accused killers to justice and ensuring a fair and open trial for the accused.

1/3/02...Toward Fairness...St. Louis Tribune Editorial

The administration has wisely indicated that it will use the tribunals sparingly. Two workable alternatives for bringing high-level terrorism suspects to justice also exist. The U.S. justice system, with its guaranteed protections of the rights of the accused, is the gold standard for the world. At this moment, when all of the world is watching, we must live up to our highest ideals.

12/29/01...How to Try a Terrorist...N.Y.Times Editorial

The Pentagon deserves credit for responding to some of the serious concerns of civil libertarians, legal scholars and the military's own jurists. But a better response would be to try suspected terrorists under the normal American criminal justice system.

12/28/01...The Antiterror Bandwagon...N.Y.Times Editorial

Since the Bush administration announced plans to proceed with military tribunals and other limitations on liberties in the war against terror, foreign leaders have used the American example to justify all manner of repressive acts at home. It is a lamentable — and predictable — response to misguided American leadership in this area.

Recent Progressive Op-Ed Pieces By Common Dreams.Org - Compilation from Major Newspapers

Select Documents

Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War

11/14/01... Text of Bush Order Subjecting Terrrorism Suspects to Military Trials ...New York Times

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Fighting Terrorism, Protecting Liberty...National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' Response to the 9-11 Attacks with links to news articles, analyses of bills, and commentary to keep you informed as to the current status of changes in law that affect criminal defense lawyers and all Americans.

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Past Terrorism Trials

The U.S. Embassy Bombing Trials, CNN

On August 7, 1998, a truck bomb destroyed the U.S. Embassy in Kenya. Moments later another truck bomb exploded outside the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania. The bombings killed 213 in Kenya and 11 in Tanzania. The investigation led investigators to alleged terrorist Osama bin Laden and his followers. A federal grand jury has indicted 22 men with crimes related to the bombings, including bin Laden. A trial for four of the defendants began in January. CNN offers extensive materials relating to the U.S. embassy bombings trial, including transcripts of testimony, court documents, analysis, and commentary.

The Oklahoma City Bombing Trials, CNN

In June 1997, a jury convicted Timothy McVeigh of the 1995 bombing the Oklahoma City federal building, a terrorist attack that left 168 people dead. He was sentence to death and executed in 2001. The verdict for McVeigh's former army buddy Terry Nichols -- who was tried on the same 11 accounts -- was different. On December 23, a jury, after deliberating 41 hours, refused to convict Nichols of murder, instead finding him guilty of involuntary manslaughter and of conspiring with McVeigh. He was sentenced to life in prison and now awaits trial on Oklahoma state charges of murdering 168 people. Oklahoma is seeking the death penalty. CNN offers extensive materials on the trials, the bombing and the key players.

Complete Trial Transcripts in the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial of Timothy McVeigh... CNN

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